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€ 4,950,000 |
€ 4,950,000 |
59.80M | 10 GUESTS
2011 | Factoria Naval Marin
€ 1,565,000
€ 1,565,000
23.7m I 6 guests
2010 - Mochi Craft
Mochi Craft Long Range 23
42.20M | 12 GUESTS
1998-2015 | Alumarine
DOUCE FRANCE available for charter in Thailand

For sale

Red dragon luxury yachting


If you are interested in purchasing a luxury vessel you can browse our selection of motor and sailing yachts below which are currently on the market for sale. Let your dreams become reality in a mouse click ! To select either a luxury motor or sailing yacht from our portfolio, just click on one of the two images below to view our prestigious fleet. Search the database

Should you be interested in constructing your own dream luxury yacht or you have a specific request in mind, it is better to contact us directly by clicking on the box below. Use our savvy, impartial advice and we will create a customized search of the market with your preferences in mind. Contact Us

new built & construction

Build your own yacht

If you haven’t found your perfect yacht on the market and you decided that there is only one solution, whether or not you have come to that conclusion yourself, or after consulting us, there is only one thing left to do. BUILD YOUR OWN YACHT.

Easier said than done. Finding the right architects, designers, shipyard and suppliers, negotiate the contracts, following up the creation and the build of the Yacht in such a way that is works for you when it is ready, accounting, classification negotiations, registry, insurance, … We do all this with you, or for you.

With the know-how and force of the EXMAR group we guarantee that your yacht will be everything you ever dreamt of, and more.

And most of all, we make sure it's at the right price.

concepts & design

concepts & design

Exmar Yachting is currently developing 3 concept yachts. Each yacht will have a completely different approach to the yachting industry. Economical, Ecological and Emotional.
Needless to say that all 3 elements will be implemented in all 3 yachts; however the emphasis will be on one of the elements per yacht.

The Economical concept yacht will be developed in order to be able to build and operate the yacht at a relatively low budget, whilst offering the luxury and capabilities of the most expensive superyachts. A perfect fit for Private Owners or for companies who which to maximize charter revenues for a Superyacht.

For the Ecological concept yacht, EXMAR Yachting, together with EXMAR Technical, is striving to create the most environmental friendly yacht ever build. 

Last but not least, the Emotional yacht will be the most elegant Sailing Yacht anyone has ever encountered.



A Yacht is a very personal thing. You may find something you like in the existing range of a shipbuilder, in one of our concepts, or even pre-owned. In each case we can assist you with your purchase from A to Z.

Alternatively, EXMAR Yachting welcomes you to explain us your ideal yacht, and we will be more than happy to help you create your dream Yacht, from a first pencil drawing sketch on a blanc piece of paper all the way to the first time she sails out, and beyond…









Fractional ownership

sharing yacht ownership

Sharing Yacht Ownership combines the best of Yacht Ownership and Chartering a Yacht. The investment is lower, running costs are shared, and you don’t have to worry about charter revenues because the usage has already been optimised.
EXMAR Yachting will find the best compatible co-owners, and depending on various elements, such as the Nationality of the Corporate Body Owning the vessel, the Yacht can be registered in any number of Flagstates.
We can act as the management of the vessel and as Owner’s representative to assure a peace of mind that all matters, including the crewing of the Yacht and accounts handling, are overseen constantly to ensure professionalism, transparency, and value for money at every stage.

Motor yachts
for sale

Mochi Craft Long Range 23