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Registration, Finance, Insurance, Safety


Our finance team consists of qualified and experienced accountants. In close cooperation with the Captain and operational staff, we will ensure that budgets are established, measured and carefully maintained. We have well-established procedures in place and timely reporting designed to meet our customers’ requirements. We are also in a good position to offer you the best insurance cover for the best price. We will ensure that the hull and machinery as well as any potential liabilities are properly covered, and we will fully manage the processing and handling of any claims. We will also insure the crew aboard, covering and claiming for any reimbursed costs.


A permanently safe and secure sailing environment for yourself and your charterers is always at the top of our priority list. With over thirty years of operating experience in international waters, the HSEQ division of EXMAR Ship Management can assist in creating a personalized Safety Management System as well as an onboard manual to ensure that the crew operates the vessel effectively and within the parameters set by the owner. International yachting faces security challenges in some parts of the world, where piracy and risk of sabotage requires appropriate and practical precautions. Thanks to the global presence at sea of our Group, we can offer you a range of security management options.